Donegal Rheems Girls Youth Softball Fastpitch League



2018 Playoff Schedule


ALL Games for all levels need to be completed no later than Thursday June 14th. Playoff seedings and pairings will be finalized by June 14th


If any teams will not be able to compete in the playoffs due to missing players (remember you can still move up from the lower level but should not take 10U players to 12U or 12U to 14U if they have their own game to play in) for whatever reason, please notify the league as soon as possible so an alternative may be found.


  • All Regular Season Games will be concluded by Thursday 6/14, Playoffs will be concluded by Friday 6/22 weather permitting
  • If not all the regular season games (12 games is complete regular season) have been played, the records as of Thursday 6/14 will be taken and the standings will be calculated based on:
    • Percentage (Wins/Games)
    • Head to Head (Tied Team A beat tied Team B)
    • Runs Against vs tied team
    • Runs Against allowed in Regular season
  • Please note where you stand in the records now as to when you can possibly play your games based on each division below
    • If your team WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIELD enough girls to play on any of these proposed dates, please let us know as soon as possible.
      • Same rules apply with moving up a player for a game from a lower level
  • Final Standings as of Thursday 6/14 will be used to create the Brackets and games on the website. If you are registered for your team then you and your parents will be notified once the playoff schedule is complete, please keep an eye out and the official playoff schedule will be posted as soon as possible especially for the 10U Games starting on Friday 6/15.
    • No other spreadsheet or method for handling the playoff schedule will be done, everything will be updated via the brackets on the website. Here is a link to the brackets: please select the Spring 2017 Season and a division to see a copy of last years brackets. Once the 2018 brackets are available they will be published there.
  • All Umpire Fees and Game Balls will be provided by the league and given to the home team coaches.                   
    • All games before the finals will start at 6PM unless otherwise stated
    • If your team wins a game you will take the game balls and money to the next game
    • The Team with the Higher Rank (lower number- 1 is first, 2 is second, etc.) will host and be the home team for all the games.
    • Finals games are all located at the Etown Rheems (also known as Wenger Athletics Fields)
      • 10U Central (Major), 10U North/South/West (Minor) and 12U North/South (B) will start at 6 PM
      • 12U National (A), 14U American (A) and 14U Patriot (B) will start 30 minutes after first games hopefully no later than 8:30 PM
      • There is no time limit for the championship games and will be played in their entirety weather depending (all other playoff games will use regular season rules but every attempt to complete the game should be made)
  • Weather issues may change when your game is played depending on the schedule
    • Any games scheduled for Friday 6/15 that need to be rescheduled will be played Monday 6/18
    • Any games scheduled for Monday 6/18 that need to be rescheduled will be played Tuesday 6/19
    • Any games scheduled for Tuesday 6/19 that need to be rescheduled will be played Wednesday 6/20
    • Any games schedule for Thursday 6/21 that need to be rescheduled will be played Friday 6/22



# of Teams


Playoff Games


10U Central


All 8

Mon 6/18-4 games, Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game


10U North/South/West


Top 4 in each division (top 4 overall get bye)

Fri 6/15-4 games, Mon 6/18-4 games, Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game


12U National


Top 6 then top 2 get bye

Mon 6/18-2 games, Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game


12U North/South


Top 4 in each division 

Mon 6/18-4 games, Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game


14U American


Top 4 from American (A Division)

Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game


14U Patriot


Top 8 from Patriot (B Division)

Mon 6/18-4 games, Tue 6/19-2 games, Thu 6/21-1 game



# of Playoff Games



Friday 6/15 # of Games

All 10U



Monday 6/18 # of Games

10U-8 games, 12U-6 games, 14U-4 games



Tuesday 6/19 # of Games

10U-4 games, 12U-4 games, 14U-4 games



Thursday 6/21 # of Games

10U-2 games, 12U-2 games, 14U-2 games


All Rainouts will be played next available date and may possibly push back games that are scheduled for next day. Meaning that if Monday’s games are rained out they will be played Tuesday and then Tuesday’s games will be played Wednesday, etc.